How to Combine Business Travel with Family Travel

How to Combine Business Travel with Family Travel

How to Combine Business Travel with Family Travel

For most people, mixing business travel with family travel is not easy, but according to my friend over at www.glassdawg.nethe says it’s very hard to do so, and it’s understandable because family travel and business travel have unique requirements. Nevertheless, when you have tips to guide you, the experience becomes better.

Travel with Kids More Often

As a way of preparing your kids for a family trip combined with a business trip, travel with them more often. This will also enable you to know the best way to extend business travel and provide a better experience to your family. Combining family and business travel might be difficult at first. However, your kids or family will eventually learn. In fact, you will look forward to hanging out with your family miles away from home after attending a business conference.

Check Expectations

To ensure an ultimate experience for everyone when you combine business travel with family travel, check everybody’s expectations first. Traveling with children requires flexibility and patience. That’s because things can go sideways. For instance, kids can throw up at a restaurant while being served an epic meal. They can also have a fever when you are preparing to catch a flight. If you have a small kid, they can cry at the middle of a business dinner. So, be patient and flexible when you combine business travel with family travel. Know everybody’s expectations and the best way to fulfill them. This will make the experience better for everyone.

Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Traveling with children when going on a business trip can be hard for any parent. It’s simply combining leisure with business. Therefore, if things fail to turn out as expected, don’t be too harsh on yourself. Just do your best to make the trip successful.

If you have older kids, combining business travel with family travel will be easier for you. That’s because you can share your schedule with kids and make appropriate arrangements. Nevertheless, make sure that you have time to have fun with your family no matter the situation.

What to Do If You Get Travel Anxiety during Covid-19

What to Do If You Get Travel Anxiety during Covid-19

So, you’re already seated in an airplane and adjusted your Smartphone to flight mode. However, you suddenly start experiencing travel anxiety. The tightness inside your chest and gnawing feeling can’t let you enjoy the flight. So, what do you do? Here’s how you can stay calm if travel anxiety strokes when traveling during anxiety.


Most people experience fast breathing and hyperventilating when stressed. And this is a natural feeling. When you realize this and start breathing slowly, you tell the brain to do the opposite. Thus, you begin reversing anxiety. Therefore, if travel anxiety strikes, breathe in slowly, at least four times, and then hold your breath before exhaling. And this is a quick technique for dealing with travel anxiety without anybody noticing.

Distract Yourself

Perhaps, a more straightforward way to deal with travel anxiety is to engage in a distracting and calming activity. For instance, avoid paying attention to a coughing woman a few rows ahead. A special playlist comprising your favorite songs can help you. You can also play Sudoku or read a novel.

Stay Grounded

Use cognitive techniques to think about the current moment. That way, you can avoid worrying about something dirty that you touched and now think you contracted the virus. For instance, you can connect your mentality and senses with the things you see, touch, hear, smell, or taste while traveling.

Zone Out

Try meditation techniques using innovative apps. That way, you can stay calm, mindful, and relaxed. However, practice these techniques ahead of time to get the most from them.

Rest for a While

You can only handle travel anxiety better if you’re well. Therefore, get quality sleep a night before traveling to start on the right foot. Also, eat a healthy breakfast and hydrate your body throughout the trip.

Try these things if travel anxiety strikes during Covid-19 to ensure an enjoyable trip.

Tips for Starting the Unconventional Travel Life

Tips for Starting the Unconventional Travel Life

Many people wonder how people that have taken a plunge to lead an unconventional travel life support their lifestyles. Well, people that lead a travel life have their setbacks and failures. If you decide to lead this unconventional life, here are tips to help you get started. 

Change Your Spending Habits 

Many people do not save the money they need to travel because they spend money on things they don’t need. For instance, some people buy clothes that they wear a few times a year. Others purchase things just because they are from their favorite brands even when they don’t need them. To afford an unconventional travel life, consider changing your spending habits. Invest money on the things you need. 

Do Affordable Things 

To have money that will sustain you for a year or longer, spend money on the things you can afford. For instance, cook your food and eat at home instead of going out. Instead of going to a bar for a drink, buy wine and drink it at home with friends. This can be more fun and affordable. 


Perhaps, you have things you don’t need lying in your home. You can sell such things to finance your unconventional travel life. If you have a large home, consider selling it to get a small apartment with all the necessary utilities. This can help in planning your monthly budget. When you downsize, you realize that you can eliminate wasted expenses and get out of debt. 

Get a Job that Lets You Travel the World 

You still need money to sustain your unconventional travel life. Therefore, consider getting a job that lets you travel the world while still making money. For instance, you can start working as a freelance travel blogger. This will give you the freedom to travel and work from any part of the world. 

Plan Your Travels 

You have decided to invest money and time on travel. It’s, therefore, reasonable to plan how you will spend your time and money. For instance, decide on the number of destinations to visit every year. Also, decide on the amount of time to spend at every destination. This will enable you to focus more on achieving your goal of leading an unconventional travel life. 

Many people spend their lives traveling. If you envy such people, follow these tips to start the unconventional travel life.

Is Solo Travel Dangerous?

Is Solo Travel Dangerous?

Safety is a major concern for most people when it comes to traveling alone. And, it’s understandable especially when traveling to a place you’ve never been to before. What can you do if something happens to you away from home? Who do you call for help? How can you get to a hospital or home safely if you fall sick away and alone? 

These are some of the things that most people are worried about whenever they think about traveling alone. But, traveling alone is not all that dangerous. Once you start traveling alone, you will realize that the fear and thought of solo travel as dangerous is just something in mind. 

Solo Travel Can Sometimes be Dangerous 

Traveling alone can indeed be dangerous some times. Solo travelers have shared stories of instances when they have found themselves in dangerous situations. For instance, you can travel alone to a country and it becomes politically unstable. 

In that case, you may not know where to go, especially if you had traveled to a remote location. You can also fall sick away from the hospital. Some people have also been robbed when traveling alone. But, you can avoid dangerous situations or get out of them. 

Solo Travel is Not Always Dangerous 

Traveling alone doesn’t have to be dangerous. You just need to prepare in advance. For instance, take out travel insurance to protect you in case you find yourself in a dangerous situation. An ideal travel insurance policy should cover lost luggage and evacuation for whatever reason. That means you can be evacuated if you find yourself in a politically unstable country or you fall ill away from a hospital.

What’s more, research your travel destination properly to know the best hospital or embassy. This will enable you to easily get help when traveling and find yourself in a dangerous situation. 

In a nutshell, solo travel doesn’t have to be dangerous. You just need to research your destination exhaustively and plan your trip properly. 

How to Travel when You Only Speak English

How to Travel when You Only Speak English

Generally, English is considered to be a universal language spoken in almost every part of the globe. But, there are some destinations with non-English speakers, which may present a bit of trouble for travelers that only speak English. The following are important travel tips to help you get by when you only speak English. 

Act Polite 

It is normal to feel annoyed and humiliated when locals cannot understand your language. But, that should not make you act rude or start yelling at people. Instead, be patient with them and try using other alternative communication tools like body language to pass your message across. If you act polite, even the locals will be patient with you and offer the necessary assistance. 

Observe and Listen More 

Sometimes, there is so much more than you can learn through observation than trying hard to communicate with people in a language they do not understand. By observing how the locals are communicating and relating to each other, you can easily pick a few tricks to overcome the language barrier. Besides, some locals may also speak English with a poor accent that you can only get when you listen carefully. 

Be Confident 

Speaking a different language from that of the locals might make you feel alone and neglected. But, it should not restrict your adventure. Instead of crawling back into your hotel, use the opportunity to immerse yourself into the culture. The language barrier should encourage you to explore the destination further. 

With language translation apps and maps, you can still find your way around and engage the locals without going through so much trouble. You could even be lucky to find some locals willing to learn English. 

Many people are often scared of visiting destinations with non-English speakers based on the language barrier. But, traveling the world when you only speak English is a great opportunity to tap into new cultures and experiences for personal fulfillment and growth. 

Things Not to Do When Traveling

Things Not to Do When Traveling

You’ve probably come across many blog posts on things to do when traveling. However, many travel writers don’t write about things not to do when traveling.  There are generally many mistakes travelers make while traveling. These lead to a waste of time and money. Some of them even ruin their travel experiences. So, if you intend to travel, here are some of the things to avoid.

Eating Near Attraction Sites 

Most establishments near major attraction sites sell their food at prices almost double the price you of the food you can find elsewhere. What’s more, these establishments know that most people won’t come back. Therefore, they don’t care much about quality consistency. Thus, you pay a high price for low-quality food when you eat new major attractions. 

Exchanging Money at the Airports 

Exchanging money at the airport will get you the worst rates possible. It’s like lighting up your money on fire. To avoid this, use a credit card or ATM. These options will give you the best rates possible. Credit cards and ATMs give rates close to the interbank rate. Thus, you avoid getting ripped off when you use a credit card or ATM. 

Bringing Traveler’s Checks 

Banks issue traveler’s checks for at a pre-determined value. This value enables users to exchange their checks for cash at any part of the world. These checks were very common before credit cards and ATM became accepted everywhere and widespread. However, they are currently useless. Only a few banks accept traveler’s checks these days. 

Using Bank Cards that Charge a Fee 

The money bank charges as a fee can be used to enhance the travel experience. So, don’t get a back card that charges you a fee. Instead, get a credit card that does not charge fees for foreign transactions. This enables you to avoid surcharges like ATM fees. 

Skipping Travel Insurance

For some travelers, insurance is a ridiculous addition to their travel expenses. But, traveling without insurance is a serious mistake to avoid. Travel insurance covers you when something unexpected happens while away. It protects you from non-medical and medical emergencies. So, don’t travel without insurance. 

These are just some of the things not to do when traveling. It’s crucial to conduct some research to know the specific things to avoid at your travel destination. That way, you will enjoy a more comfortable and fun-filled travel experience. 

Safe Flying Tips for Pregnant Women

Safe Flying Tips for Pregnant Women

Traveling is one of those habits that once you get hooked onto, it is like a drug; you always want to indulge more and more. Despite the common fears that all pregnant women usually have about flying, it is totally safe to hop onto flights during your nine month journey. With a little preparation, flying can be a great experience if both you and the baby are okay. The following are safe flying tips for pregnant women that you should keep in mind when planning the trip.

Watch Your Timing!

While there is nothing to worry about when the mother and baby are in proper health, the timing of the trip is very important. In the first trimester, pregnant women are often overwhelmed with morning sickness, nausea and other pregnancy symptoms. On the third trimester, the stomach is bigger and she starts to feel a little discomfort. As a result, the second trimester is usually the most appropriate time to fly.

If you have to fly during your third trimester, be sure to check your airline’s policies for flying during pregnancy.

Keep the Body Energized and Relaxed

Flying can be quite exhausting to pregnant women, especially when traveling internationally. Without keeping your body energized and relaxed, it could be very hard to enjoy the trip. Remember to book a comfortable seat, carry healthy snacks and water to consume along the way whenever you feel hungry or thirsty. During stopovers, it is also advisable to get out of the plane and stretch a bit.

Talk to Your Doctor

Even if you are in proper state of health and feeling fit to fly, pregnancy has its share of fragilities and complications might arise at any time along the way. To be safe, make sure you talk to your doctor about your travel plans for recommendations on what to do in case of health concerns during the trip. Besides, you should also have a contingency plan in place in case of emergencies related to your pregnancy.

If you are planning to travel the world one last time before giving birth, go ahead and create memories. Just keep the above tips in mind and travel safe!


Tips for Traveling with Vaping Equipment

Tips for Traveling with Vaping Equipment

Vaping is among the trendiest habits in the contemporary world. But, just like smoking, vaping has restrictions in some places. If you are a fan of vaping, you want to know the best way to carry your vaping products and avoid troubles along the way. Here are useful tips for traveling with vaping equipment.

Know the Rules of Your Airline

Before you decide to fly with vaping products, read the rules of your airline. Vaping is so popular that most airlines have rules that govern it on their websites. The rules of some airlines are stricter than those of others. Therefore, read them carefully before you travel with vaping equipment.

Pack Vaping Devices in Carry-on Bag

Almost all airlines do not allow vaping devices transport in checked luggage whether they have batteries or not. But traveling with mods in carry-on luggage is allowed. However, you can also carry your vaping device in person or have it in your conveyor when passing security checkpoint. Nevertheless, turn off your device before you travel with them.

Pack E-Liquid with Other Liquids

Most airports screen liquids separately at the security checkpoint. Therefore, when carrying e-liquid, pack it with the other liquids. You can pack liquids in a re-sealable plastic bag that you can easily remove at the security checkpoint for examination. Don’t forget that e-liquid filled tanks and pods count as liquids. But, if you want to carry extra bottles of e-liquid, pack them in checked luggage.

Protect Loose Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are powerful sources of energy. When traveling with vaping equipment, take extra care of your batteries. Remember that their enclosure is made of a conductive metal. Most airlines require travelers to carry lithium-ion batteries in their checked luggage. Others limit the number of batteries that individual passengers are allowed to carry.

In addition to these tips, carry mods without their batteries. Also check the laws of your travel destination to avoid trouble with law enforcers upon your arrival. Countries like Denmark, Japan, Finland, Australia, and Norway ban sale of nicotine e-liquid. Therefore, bring extra liquid when traveling to such countries.

The Ultimate Guide to African Safari

The Ultimate Guide to African Safari

The Ultimate Guide to African Safari

Africa is home to lots of wildlife species, most of which you can rarely find in other parts of the world. Besides, it also has varied landscapes, lush sceneries, sandy beaches and lots of historical attractions for amazing excursions. The weather is also very favorable throughout the year. Due to the political stability now experienced across many African countries, it is no doubt a safe haven for memorable safaris.

Types of Safaris

Whether you are planning an African safari alone, with family or friends, there are various types of safaris that you can opt for. The key types of safaris to choose from include;

Overland or Mobile Safari

This is the conventional safari whereby you will have a chance to discover Africa’s wildlife through camping. Similar to the 13th century excursions by hunters, a mobile safari is best enjoyed in small groups.

Beach Safari

After the long treks and travels across the countryside, you can also get down to the beaches for a refreshing retreat. Visiting a beach in Seychelles, Kenya or Malawi can be a remarkable way to wrap up your trip.

Honeymoon Safaris

Africa also has lots of options for couples looking to enjoy a romantic experience. The continent has several high end hotels and resorts across many cities and even in remote locations.

Adventure and Activities

Regardless of your interests, Africa offers something for everyone. In fact, there are lots of things that you can do while on African safari including, sightseeing, bird watching, rhino tracking, deep sea fishing, hunting, river cruising among others. Africa is home to the big game and there are lots of national parks and game reserves that you can visit to see the wildlife.

Health and Safety

Despite the outstanding beauty of Africa, it also has certain risks, especially for foreign travelers. With regards to diseases and illnesses, malaria and Yellow fever are common in most parts of the continent. Make sure you have the necessary medications and preventive measures against these health risks. When traveling through the urban areas, be sure to safeguard your luggage and always carry identification documents. You should also avoid carrying lots of cash to avoid unwanted attraction.

An African safari is an opportunity that you may only get once in a lifetime. So, take your time to carefully plan the trip in advance for an amazing experience.