The Ultimate Guide to African Safari

The Ultimate Guide to African Safari

Africa is home to lots of wildlife species, most of which you can rarely find in other parts of the world. Besides, it also has varied landscapes, lush sceneries, sandy beaches and lots of historical attractions for amazing excursions. The weather is also very favorable throughout the year. Due to the political stability now experienced across many African countries, it is no doubt a safe haven for memorable safaris.

Types of Safaris

Whether you are planning an African safari alone, with family or friends, there are various types of safaris that you can opt for. The key types of safaris to choose from include;

Overland or Mobile Safari

This is the conventional safari whereby you will have a chance to discover Africa’s wildlife through camping. Similar to the 13th century excursions by hunters, a mobile safari is best enjoyed in small groups.

Beach Safari

After the long treks and travels across the countryside, you can also get down to the beaches for a refreshing retreat. Visiting a beach in Seychelles, Kenya or Malawi can be a remarkable way to wrap up your trip.

Honeymoon Safaris

Africa also has lots of options for couples looking to enjoy a romantic experience. The continent has several high end hotels and resorts across many cities and even in remote locations.

Adventure and Activities

Regardless of your interests, Africa offers something for everyone. In fact, there are lots of things that you can do while on African safari including, sightseeing, bird watching, rhino tracking, deep sea fishing, hunting, river cruising among others. Africa is home to the big game and there are lots of national parks and game reserves that you can visit to see the wildlife.

Health and Safety

Despite the outstanding beauty of Africa, it also has certain risks, especially for foreign travelers. With regards to diseases and illnesses, malaria and Yellow fever are common in most parts of the continent. Make sure you have the necessary medications and preventive measures against these health risks. When traveling through the urban areas, be sure to safeguard your luggage and always carry identification documents. You should also avoid carrying lots of cash to avoid unwanted attraction.

An African safari is an opportunity that you may only get once in a lifetime. So, take your time to carefully plan the trip in advance for an amazing experience.