Tips for Traveling with Vaping Equipment

Vaping is among the trendiest habits in the contemporary world. But, just like smoking, vaping has restrictions in some places. If you are a fan of vaping, you want to know the best way to carry your vaping products and avoid troubles along the way. Here are useful tips for traveling with vaping equipment.

Know the Rules of Your Airline

Before you decide to fly with vaping products, read the rules of your airline. Vaping is so popular that most airlines have rules that govern it on their websites. The rules of some airlines are stricter than those of others. Therefore, read them carefully before you travel with vaping equipment.

Pack Vaping Devices in Carry-on Bag

Almost all airlines do not allow vaping devices transport in checked luggage whether they have batteries or not. But traveling with mods in carry-on luggage is allowed. However, you can also carry your vaping device in person or have it in your conveyor when passing security checkpoint. Nevertheless, turn off your device before you travel with them.

Pack E-Liquid with Other Liquids

Most airports screen liquids separately at the security checkpoint. Therefore, when carrying e-liquid, pack it with the other liquids. You can pack liquids in a re-sealable plastic bag that you can easily remove at the security checkpoint for examination. Don’t forget that e-liquid filled tanks and pods count as liquids. But, if you want to carry extra bottles of e-liquid, pack them in checked luggage.

Protect Loose Batteries

Lithium-ion batteries are powerful sources of energy. When traveling with vaping equipment, take extra care of your batteries. Remember that their enclosure is made of a conductive metal. Most airlines require travelers to carry lithium-ion batteries in their checked luggage. Others limit the number of batteries that individual passengers are allowed to carry.

In addition to these tips, carry mods without their batteries. Also check the laws of your travel destination to avoid trouble with law enforcers upon your arrival. Countries like Denmark, Japan, Finland, Australia, and Norway ban sale of nicotine e-liquid. Therefore, bring extra liquid when traveling to such countries.